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Yang Erlin and Cao Wei of Northwestern University’s School of Food Science and engineering and Zhao Haoan of Northwestern University’s School of chemical engineering studied jujube nectar from four regions: Jianxian, Fugu, Dali County and Weinan, the physical and chemical indexes and the content of phenolic compounds were determined, the antioxidant activity in vitro, protective
Delee Honey's trip to release bees

Delee Honey’s Chinese Bee Journey

There are more than 200 cooperative bee farms in Delee Honey. These beekeepers travel to various nectar sources, chasing flowers for nectar. There are mainly four traditional bee release routes. China has a vast territory, rich in nectar plants, varied topography and climate, different periods of the year around the nectar plants flowering different. In
Happy New Year, holiday notice

Happy New Year, Holiday Notice

Dear Friends, The Spring Festival is coming. In order to celebrate the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, let all employees spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival and reunite with their families. We have decided that the Spring Festival holiday arrangement of our company is as follows: The Spring Festival holiday time starts on
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7 kinds of best honey made in China

According to statistics, 29.6% of the world’s honey is made in China. So if you are engaged in the honey trade, then you must spend time researching Chinese honey knowledge. Why Buy Honey from China? If you are looking for honey manufacturers from China, then this blog must not be missed. According to statistics, China’s natural honey production is

What is jujube honey, do you know?

Do you want to know the story of jujube honey? Now, let me tell you its origin, production, and what health benefits it has.It has a beautiful story. In the “Quran”, there is a record of the jujube tree in this jujube honey. According to legend, it will exist in heaven. Bees fly long distances to

Linden honey is a kind of natural honey

The source of linden honey. Linden honey comes from Linden flowers. Linden tree is a kind of tall arbor, which is of great economic value in China. Every year from the middle of June to the middle of July is its flowering period. Linden flowers are in full bloom. The trees are full of fragrant fragrance. Linden flowers are very small. Each flower is composed of five petals and five stigmas, and there is bright honey in the middle. Linden flower is bright and lustrous with light amber deficiency, heat-clearing and tonifying, detoxification and moistening dryness, and has a certain sedative effect.   Specific introduction for linden honey. Linden honey is light amber or milky white viscous liquid. It is milky white clotted fat or white crystal at low temperature. It has a fat like a luster. It has a rich aroma of linden honey and a sweet aftertaste. It is loved by Europeans and is a rare forest, honey. It is as famous as linden honey in the north and litchi honey in the south. Main effect for Linden honey. Invigorate blood and nourish the body, nourish qi and nourish the kidney, nourish the stomach and nourish Qingre Buzhong, Qinggan Mingmu, Jiedu Runzao, on the whole,body swelling, relieve fatigue has a certain effect. Linden honey has the fragrance of mint and aromatic seed oil. It has the effect of sedative and antibacterial. It can be widely used in sedation, cough,and sleeping. It can reduce hypertension, heart disease, constipation, insomnia,and help digestion. Linden honey is also a natural beauty product, which can moisturize skin, resist wrinkles, keep heat, and promote skin physiological balance. Increase happiness.   Where can you buy linden honey?
Royal jelly is a gelatinous substance produced by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their young. Royal jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker honeybees. It typically contains about 60% to 70% water, 12% to 15% proteins, 10% to 16% sugar, 3% to 6% fats, and 2% to 3% vitamins, salts, and
Work Schedule Notice of 2020

Work Schedule Notice of 2020

Dear Customers: As Chinese New Year holidays will be over soon, we make the working schedule as below: Office :starts all work from 6th, Feb,2020 (Thursday ); Factory: starts production from 9th, Feb,2020 (Sunday ). Any needs or questions please feel free to contact us by email ,Wechat, WhatsApp or call directly as below: 1.Sales Department :
New year 2020


Dear Customers, Chinese Spring Festival is coming, our factory will be closed from 18th Jan, 2020 to 9th Feb, 2020. For any orders in near future please kindly inform us for a better arrangement. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.   Wish you a happy and flourishing new year!   Delee Foods Group Co.,Ltd December 26, 2019
Do you know what is Buckwheat Honey? 

Do you know what is Buckwheat Honey? 

What is Buckwheat Honey: Buckwheat Honey is highly nutritious honey made from bees collecting nectar from buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat has tiny flowers, which means that bees that make Buckwheat Honey a bee must redouble their efforts to collect enough nectar. Buckwheat Honey is not as sweet as traditional honey. It is also higher in some
How much do you know about the secrets of Acacia Honey?
Acacia Honey, also known as locust honey, nectar, is a kind of honey. The color of the Acacia Honey is slightly yellow, and it is very small in water and white. It is transparent and has a light scent of scented flowers. It is not easy to crystallize. It is a fine honey and suitable
Learn more about bee pollen obtained from natural pollen.
Bee pollen refers to the pollen group brought back by the bees after collecting honey. Pollen is formed in the beehive and stored after fermentation. Bee pollen is a male germ cell in the stamens of flowering plants (nectar plants and pollen-derived plants) that are irregularly oblate and are mixed with special glandular secretions (nectar